Veganify PETA API

Status: Service operational


Warning! Veganify API v0 has recently been rewritten from PHP to Node.js! Therefore, some changes, including URIs, are breaking!

The Veganify PETA API is an API to get manufacturers that don't test on animals (Beauty without Bunnies).

How to use

JSON End-Point

The APIs base path is and gives out a JSON response.

You can find the monitoring status page here.


The following parameters are available as of now:

parameter usage method status
crueltyfree Get manufacturers that don't test on animals GET (as URL-parameter crueltyfree) Available
veganapproved Get manufacturers that are PETA Vegan Approved GET (as URL-parameter veganapproved) Not implemented

Sample request:


We use standardized HTTP status codes as responses.

Positive response

A successful request will throw a result like this when getting a list of companies that don't test on animals:

Error responses

The following error responses can be expected:

Code examples


Here is a sample PHP script to get a list of companies that don't test on animals written in Laravel: