Veganify API Documentation

Status: Service operational


Warning! Veganify API v0 has recently been rewritten from PHP to Node.js! Therefore, some changes, including URIs, are breaking!

Tired of writing code? Use the API Wrapper for React .

The API combines parts of the OpenFoodFacts Database, the OpenBeautyFacts Database and the Open EAN/GTIN Database. It gives out the following information about a product through the products EAN/UPC/GTIN code:

There is also a Veganify Ingredients API, documented here and a API to get information from PETA, documented here.

How to use

JSON End-Point

The APIs base path is and gives out a JSON response.

You can find the monitoring status page here.


There is no need for an authentification at this time. The API is publicly available.

To avoid rate-limiting, you can kindly ask us for an API token via e-mail. We will then give you a token, which you can use to authenticate yourself. This will increase your rate-limiting.


The following parameters are available as of now:

It is only possible to POST to this endpoint.


We use standardized HTTP status codes as responses. Depending on which language you want to use to implement the API in, you may have to disable error-handling or ignore errors.

Positive response

A successful request will throw a result like this:

Please note: n/a is not an error but just means that we don't have any data about the field. Also, sometimes fields have to be n/a in order to make sense, e.g. if you're checking a beauty-product and looking for the nutriscore.

Error responses

The following error responses can be expected:

Code examples


PHP (+ Laravel)